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It does not matter whether you are starting your publishing journey or you have already published your book. There is still much to understand about the publishing industry to make your writing and publishing journey more fruitful. That is the essence of The Author’s Companion, authored by Ranjan Mohapatra, the CEO and Founder of Clever Fox Publishing. 

Harnessing his years of experience, Mr. Ranjan has curated this book to guide writers to not only produce outstanding content but also provide them with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the publishing landscape. Starting with an overview of the publishing industry, Mr. Ranjan outlines the various genres of book writing and also emphasises the importance of choosing the right title and making your book SEO-friendly. 

The Author’s Companion also goes into the specifics of the pre-writing, writing and editing stages which are critical in making the book convey what the author wishes effectively. Understanding the vitality of visual impact, the book goes over how book covers and book interiors are designed. Writing is not simply pursuing a passion and Mr. Ranjan has delved into the financial and marketing aspects of publishing a book. These are of utmost importance to make your book a bestseller. 

The Author’s Companion is an essential book to get a copy of because it does not stop at imparting industry-specific guidance but it provides you with practical techniques and a trove of exercises that have been designed to help you hone in your craft. The writing boot camp includes a variety of exercises to nourish your writing. The daily planner, cover design planner and checklists are specially crafted for writers, and last but not least are easy-to-implement methods to take care of yourself. 

Mr. Ranjan’s drive to share his knowledge with the rest of the community has empowered writers from all walks of life to pursue their passion in the world of literature. He strives to lend a helping hand to authors, helping them see their stories come to life. Clever Fox Publishing has acquired a noteworthy name under Mr. Ranjan’s leadership and commitment to growing the Clever Author Community. 

With your purchase of The Author’s Companion, Ranjan Mohapatra’s brainchild, you open up new doors to literary success. In addition to invaluable insights and guidance, you can now avail exciting offers on select publishing packages. And since no book is complete without a bookmark, you will get a complimentary one. Start your publishing journey by grabbing your copy of The Author’s Companion.

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