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Unveiling Sakksham Silver 92.5 Pure Silver Jewellery : Your Pathway to Timeless Elegance and Contemporary Glamour

Sparkling Visionaries Crafting Jewelled Marvels: Meet Uma Sandeep Jain, the Mastermind Revolutionising Jewellery with her Passion and Innovation. With a Rich Legacy of Three Generations in Jewelry Manufacturing, Uma’s Artistic Genius and Unyielding Quest for Novelty Propel Sakksham Silver to Dazzling Heights.

The story behind the brand’s name is one of love, dedication, and foresight. Uma, fueled by her family’s jewelry heritage, noticed a trend of repetitive designs flooding the market. Determined to change this, she collaborated with her husband, Sandeep Jain, who possesses a wealth of knowledge in the jewellery manufacturing business. Together, they decided to break free from 

the norm and create original, standout designs with minimal reliance on existing templates. Thus, Sakksham Silver was born in 2020, named after their beloved son, symbolising the brand’s vision of passing down the legacy of excellence to the next generation.

Uma’s journey into the jewellery business was not without its challenges. As a dedicated mother, finding time to pursue her passion and learn the art of sketching and jewellery design was no easy task. Yet, her unwavering determination and family’s support propelled her forward.

The vision of Sakksham Silver is to create a bridge between traditional and modern contemporary designer jewellery. The brand’s commitment to crafting handcrafted pieces ensures the preservation of age-old artisanal skills and promotes local employment.

Sakksham Silver boasts three unique selling points that set it apart from its competitors. First, their designs seamlessly blend the best of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, appealing to a wide range of customers on paper. Second, each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using 92.5 Pure Silver, a testament to their commitment to high-quality, long-lasting jewellery.

Over the years, the brand has learned a valuable lesson – “Silver is the next gold” Incorporating Indian roots and blending them with modern influences, Sakksham Silver has captivated the hearts of customers seeking timeless elegance.

Their best-selling collections, such as Vanshika, Vaidehi, Parampara, Love Bird, Eternal Beauty Earrings, and Traditional Peacock Earcuffs, have been widely adored. The designs’ uniqueness and impeccable finishing have resonated with customers, making them instant favourites.

As a brand deeply invested in innovation, Sakksham Silver continuously delights its customers with fresh and exciting collections. From earrings, necklaces, mangalsutras, bangles, to finger rings, they have something for every taste. Each season brings new concepts and designs, ensuring the allure of novelty never fades.

For those wondering about their shipping policy, Sakksham Silver ships pan-India and worldwide. With a standard delivery time of 4-7 days, customers can enjoy their exquisite jewellery promptly.

Uma’s inspirational quote “Work Hard with passion and success will follow!” perfectly encapsulates the brand’s journey. To young entrepreneurs starting their ventures, she advises that time and a long-term vision are the keys to success in the jewellery industry. Embrace the immortality of jewellery fashion and focus on timeless designs that stand the test of time.

With a legacy rooted in the jewellery industry since 1970, Sakksham Silver proudly carries forward the torch of excellence into the modern era. Their handcrafted masterpieces, born from a blend of tradition and innovation, add a touch of elegance to vibrant personalities everywhere.

Discover the beauty of Sakksham Silver’s collections on their website at or follow them on Instagram and Facebook @sakkshamsilver. Experience the magic of handcrafted jewellery that tells stories of love, tradition, and contemporary grace.