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World Designing Forum Unveils Highly Anticipated Season 6 of National Designer Awards

New Delhi, India – The World Designing Forum, a globally recognized platform for nurturing and celebrating creativity in the realm of fashion, has officially announced the upcoming Season 6 of the National Designer Awards from 28th December to 30th December 2023. As the most esteemed accolade within the Fashion Designing Industry, the National Designer Awards serve as a beacon of inspiration and a stepping stone for aspiring designers to ascend into the echelons of celebrity fashion.

Known as the pinnacle of recognition in the world of fashion, the National Designer Awards have set the gold standard for creativity, innovation, and originality. This year’s Season 6 promises to be an embodiment of artistic brilliance and ingenious craftsmanship. The awards celebrate the very essence of fashion, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

CEO of the World Designing Forum, Ankush Anami, expressed his enthusiasm for the forthcoming season, “The National Designer Awards have always been a testament to the exceptional talent within our industry. With Season 6, we’re raising the bar even higher, encouraging designers to push their boundaries and redefine fashion as we know it.”

In an exciting turn of events, the World Designing Forum has also announced its participation in upcoming international festivals and buying exhibitions. This strategic move aims to allure international buyers to explore the treasure trove of Indian Handicraft. By showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship on a global stage, the Forum endeavors to foster collaborations and elevate the Indian fashion and handicraft industries to unparalleled heights.

Ankush Anami emphasized the positive impact of these initiatives on Indian fashion designers and the economy as a whole, stating, “Our involvement in international events will provide a gateway for Indian designers to access global markets and broaden their horizons. Moreover, by attracting international buyers to Indian Handicraft, we are not only preserving our cultural heritage but also injecting new life into our economy.”

The National Designer Awards Season 6 is set to be a celebration of artistry, creativity, and cultural exchange. With the World Designing Forum leading the charge, the Indian fashion industry is poised for a new era of recognition, innovation, and growth.