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Dr Sona Sharma is an Indian author, medical professional, blogger and a science enthusiast. Her interests are deeply embedded in her writings. 

Her latest Fiction ‘Time and Tide’ has been featured as a must-read by the New Indian Express as their Women’s Day recommendation in 2022. It has also been featured in the Top 10 Books of the Month (Editor’s Choice) in Delhi Wire. ‘Time and Tide’ has found mentions in other reputed publications like Mid-Day Mumbai and The Avenue Mail and digital magazines like What She Likes.

A firm believer in making early education exciting, she has also written a series of children’s books with science concepts. She runs an educative digital magazine – Think Science India –  Think Science India is known for holding events and activities related to the environment and education for its young readers.

An optimist, she believes in presenting the better side of human nature through her work. 

Time and Tide 

A thrilling journey through time as Myth becomes Truth

‘Time and Tide’ has been described by reviewers as a fast-paced thriller with a crisp, intriguing narration. It is rated 4.5 on Amazon and 5 on Goodreads.

‘Time and Tide’ is the story of two protagonists, separated in time by thousands of years. One of them, Samvardhana, is grappling with insecurities and failure. He is staring at an impending downfall as he tries to hold his place at the helm of DWN – the conglomerate his highly successful father has built. Samvardhana’s journey takes an exciting turn as he stands at the crossroads of his life. 

Samvardhana’s life parallels the mythological tale of Samba, the son of Krishna. He is said to be instrumental in the destruction of, what we know as, The Lost City of Dwarka. The story weaves around Samvardhana’s quest against the backdrop of Samba’s life. Will he be sucked into the inevitable loop of possibilities like Samba or will he somehow find a way out? The thrilling tale of secrets, conspiracy and destruction connects the dots in both their lives to an unexpected and exciting end.

The role of destiny and free will is expressed through their eventful lives. How the knowledge of the past can shape our future is one of the key takeaways.

Readers and reviewers have enjoyed the twists and turns in the lives of the two protagonists. Other important characters have also left a lasting impression on readers.

To sum up, ‘Time and Tide’ is a quick read with a gripping storyline where Science Fiction and Mythology come together seamlessly.